The HEA will, firstly, be the principal advisor to the Minister of Education on all matters related to higher education in the country. This advice will either be volunteered by the HEA through advisory notes to the Minister or upon request from the Minister. Secondly, the HEA will be responsible for monitoring, supervising and regulating standards of higher education in Zambia. Specifically, the HEA will:

  • Advise the Minister on any issue pertinent to the development of higher education;
  • Coordinate the long-term planning and overall development of higher education for Government approval;
  • Ensure that programmes offered in Higher Education Institutions maintain relevance to the human, occupational and skills needs of the country;
  • Plan the recurrent and development funding needs of higher education, across the whole sector, and in collaboration with appropriate institutional authorities, for individual institutions;
  • Ensure that systems and procedures are put in place which will facilitate public accountability within institutions and throughout the higher education sector as a whole;
  • Ensure greater equality of access to higher education, having particular regard to gender, socio-economic status and educational needs;
  • Promote national co-operation between higher education institutions;
  • Ensure that higher education institutions comply with set standards.
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