IN ACCORDANCE with the provisions of the Higher Education Act Number 4 of 2013 Part VII Section forty eight, notice is hereby given that the Private Higher Education Institutions listed below are registered with the Higher Education Authority (HEA) for the year 2016 and have been gazetted in the gazette notice No. 232 and 561, of 2016, which appeared in the Government Gazette No. 6477, Vol. LII, No. 27, dated Friday, 22nd April, 2016 and Government Gazette No. 6507, Vol. LII, No. 57, dated Friday, 26th August, 2016, Lusaka.

No. Name of Institution Reg. No. Delivery Mode Physical Address Postal Address Province
1.   Africa Research University HEA/001 FT and ODL Suite 142, Carousel Centre, Corner of Lumumba Road P.O. Box 32481, Lusaka Lusaka
2. Alliance International University HEA/002 ODL 80 Kazimuli Close, Handsworth Park, Lusaka P.O. Box UNZA 18 Lusaka 
3. Cavendish University HEA/003 FT and ODL   Corner of Great North and Washama Road Villa Elizabeth, Lusaka P.O. Box 34625, Lusaka  Lusaka
4. Foundation for Cross Cultural University HEA/004 FT and ODL   Koti ni Eden, Farm Plot No. 30588, Masaiti P.O. Box 90790, Luanshya  Copperbelt
5. Northrise University HEA/005 FT and ODL   Caravella House, Buteko Avenue, Ndola P.O. Box 240271, Ndola  Copperbelt
6. St. Dominics Major Seminary HEA/006 FT 09/4889, Mutende Road, Woodlands, Lusaka P.O. Box 320191, Woodlands, Lusaka  Lusaka
7. Rusangu University HEA/007 FT and ODL Plot No. 269a, Rusangu Mission, Monze P.O. Box 660391, Monze  Southern
8. Southern University HEA/008 FT and ODL Queen's Park, Stand 5058, John Hurtway, Livingstone P.O. Box 630165, Choma  Southern
9. University of Lusaka HEA/009 FT and ODL Plot No. 37413, Off Alick Nkhata Road, Mass Media, Lusaka P.O. Box 36711, Lusaka  Luasaka
10. Zambian Open University HEA/010 ODL New Foundation, Campus Farm No. 7096M, Unity Road, Lusaka West P.O. Box 31925, Lusaka  Lusaka
11 Africa Christian University HEA/011 FT and ODL Plot No. 3773213, off Lake Road, Twin Palm, Lusaka P.O. Box 320161, Woodlands, Lusaka  Lusaka
12. Damelin University HEA/012 FT and ODL D & G Office Park, Chila Road, Kabulonga Post net, P/Bag E891, Box 91 Lusaka  Lusaka
13. Greenlight University HEA/013 ODL 20151 Off Chamba Valley Road, Munali P.O. Box 310172, Chelstone, Lusaka  Lusaka
14. Information and Communication University HEA/014 FT and ODL Findeco House 16th Floor, Cairo Road P.O. Box 30226, Lusaka  Lusaka
15. Justo Mwale University HEA/015 FT and ODL Plot 19 – Sule of Farm 609, Chamba Valley, Munali Road, Lusaka P.O. Box 310199, Lusaka  Lusaka
16. Kenneth Kaunda University HEA/016 FT and ODL Kabulonga Shopping Complex, Chindo Road P.O. Box 32697, Lusaka   Lusaka
17. Paglory University HEA/017 FT and ODL Clinic Road, Plot No. 8039, Kabwe P.O. Box 80785, Kabwe  Central
18. Trinity University HEA/018 FT Plot No. 29, Off Kalomo Road, Chilenje and Plot 29382, Off Alick Nkhata Road Lusaka P.O. Box 50768, Lusaka   Lusaka
19. Zambia Catholic University HEA/019 FT and ODL Plot 1937, Ntundwe Drive P.O. Box 260410, Kalulushi  Copperbelt
20.   Oak University HEA/020 FT and ODL   3rd Floor, Provident House, Cairo Road P.O. Box 35964, Lusaka Lusaka
21. Texila American University HEA/021 FT and ODL 3rd Building, Diamond Park, Stand 35179, Alick Nkhata Road  P.O. Box 34160, Lusaka Lusaka
22. Chreso University HEA/022 FT and ODL Plot 17734, Nangwenya Road   P.O. Box 37178, Lusaka Lusaka
23. DMI-S Eugene, Chibombo Campus HEA/023 FT and ODL Plot B2029/M, 9 Miles, Great North Road   P.O. Box 330081, Chibombo Central
24. DMI-St Eugene, Chipata Campus HEA/024 FT and ODL Plot 111, St Annie's   P.O. Box 511026, Chipata Chipata
25. Evangelical University HEA/025 FT 60-64, Kwacha Road P.O. Box 250100, Kansenshi Copperbelt
26. LIUTEBM HEA/026 FT and ODL Plot 5238, Makishi Road, Rhodespark P.O. Box 38490, Lusaka Lusaka
27. Sylva University HEA/027 FT and ODL Plot 33782, Marshlands, Great East Road P.O. Box 34977, Lusaka Lusaka
28. University of Africa HEA/028 ODL Plot 2982, Bukavu Road, Off Mwaluma Road, Thornpark P.O. Box 35440, Lusaka Lusaka
29. Victoria Falls University HEA/029 FT and ODL Stand 2621, Nakatindi Road P.O. Box 60247,  Livingstone Southern
30. Copperstone University HEA/030 FT and ODL Plot No. 38002/M, Baluba Ndola – Kitwe Highway P.O. Box 22041, Kitwe Copperbelt
31. DMI ST. Eugene University – Woodlands Campus HEA/031 FT Plot/Stand No. 3540, Woodlands, Nyatwa Road P.O. Box 320225, Lusaka Lusaka
32. Eastern University HEA/032 ODL Head Office, Plot 1711, Umodzi Highway P.O. Box 510096 Chipata Eastern
33. Gideon Robert University HEA/033 FT and ODL 5th Floor, NPF Building, Cairo Road Postnet E891, P.O. Box 770, Manda Hill, Lusaka Lusaka
34. Harvest Institute of Missions University HEA/034 FT Plot No. 5508 CNR. Lusiwasi and Libala Road Kalundu, Great East Road P.O. Box 37866, Lusaka Lusaka
35. Lusaka Apex Medical University HEA/035 FT Plot No. 12681/M, Hillview Park, Along Kasama Road, Libala South P.O. Box 31909, Lusaka Lusaka
36. Rockview University HEA/036 FT and ODL 3rd Floor, Provident House, Cairo Road< P.O. Box 31108, Lusaka Lusaka

1.0 Delivery Mode: This is the mode through which programmes are delivered, Full Time (FT) or Open and Distance Learning (ODL) or both.

The Staff

Photo Name & Designation
Dr. Vitalicy Chifwepa
Director – Registration & Accreditation
Mr. Emmanuel Lutelo
Registration and Accreditation
  Mr. Joshua Tembo
Procurement Officer
Ms. Betty Mwiinga
Registry Officer
Mr. Mahuba W.H. Hazemba
Registration and Accreditation
Mr. Mbunji Thomas Ndonyo
Quality Assurance
Ms Jacqueline M. Lunga
Ms. Getrude Mweetwa
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