HEA Rejects 22 Learning Programmes from 6 HEIs and 1 Institution

The Higher Education Authority (HEA) has rejected to accredit 22 Learning Programmes from six (6) Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), comprising of both private and public HEIs, and an institution submitting for registration.

In accordance with Statutory Instrument 25 of 2016 Part III Section 6 (b), HEA accredits Learning Programmes offered at an HEI for the purpose of recognising the Learning Programme, amongst other reasons.

Therefore, in achieving this mandate, HEA had set a deadline of February, 2018 for the submission of Learning Programmes by HEIs that were already operating. As for institutions applying for registration as HEIs, these are not allowed to offer any Learning Programmes before the Learning Programmes are accredited.

Consequently, HEA is in the process of accrediting 710 Learning Programmes that have been submitted by the 62 private HEIs and 6 public HEIs, with the Authority intending to publish in the media all the Learning Programmes it accredits and those it rejects.


Learning Programme

African Open University     

Diploma in Computer Applications

Bachelor of  Computer Applications

Master of Computer Applications

Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Applications


Copperbelt University

Bachelor of Clinical Medicine


Copperstone University

Bachelor of Technology (Technology with Education)

Bachelor of Human Resource Management

Bachelor of Information Communication Technology


Gideon Robert University   

Bachelor of Arts with Education (Civic Education)

Bachelor of Arts with Education (English)

Bachelor of Arts with Education (Geography)

Bachelor of Education in Special Education.

Bachelor of  Science in Agriculture

Bachelor of Accountancy

Master of Arts in Linguistics


Twin Palm Leadership University

Bachelor of Theology

Southern Acacia University

Master in Business Administration

Master in Accounting and Finance

Doctor in Philosophy

Doctorate in Business Administration


Learning Programme

Kabwe University of Counselling

Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology

Doctor of Philosophy in Counselling Psychology


Kabwe University of Counselling, furthermore, had its application for registration as an HEI rejected registered due to inadequacies in its application following inspections and scrutiny.

Thus, HEA is notifying the general public not to enrol in any Learning Programme from both private and public HEIs that have not been accredited as their qualifications will not be recognised

HEA will in soon publish all the Learning Programmes it has accredited at each HEI.


This article was written on 6th December, 2018, by Birbal Boniface Musoba, Corporate Communications Officer.

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