HEA Releases List of Institutions It Has Not Registered

The Higher Education Authority (HEA) has released a list of 19 institutions that unsuccessfully applied for registration.

The Higher Education Act No. 4 of 2013 Part IV Section 15 (1), states that a person cannot operate a private HEI unless the private HEI is registered under this Act.

Therefore, the 19 institutions applied for registration but were not registered due to inadequacies in their applications following inspections and scrutiny of applications for registration as HEIs. Thus, the institutions are not recognised as institutions offering higher education in Zambia.

These institutions are:

Alpha University


Ballsbridge University

Bridgeway University

Crystal Star University

Eminence University

Excel Research University


Kabwe University of Counselling

Luapula Hub University

Lubuto University

Luzambig University

Matem University


North Western University College

Parklands University

Silasi University

St. Salome University

Stallion University

University of America

West East University

Zambia University of Educational Sciences


The provision of higher education in Zambia is a regulated and, as such, any institution intending to offer higher education needs to be registered by HEA.

Thus, HEA is notifying the general public not to enrol at any private institution not registered as their qualifications will not be recognised.

Furthermore, HEA is appealing to the general public to report any unregistered institution providing or adverting the provision of higher education so that the offenders are dealt with in accordance to the provisions of the Law as outlined in the Higher Education Act.

For a complete list of all registered HEIs in Zambia, please click here.


This article was written on 6th December, 2018, by Birbal Boniface Musoba, Corporate Communications Officer.

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